A Passion For Plants: Contemporary Botanical Masterworks: Contemporary Botanical Masterworks from the Shirley Sherwood Collection

A Passion For Plants: Contemporary Botanical Masterworks: Contemporary Botanical Masterworks from the Shirley Sherwood Collection

by ShirleySherwood (Author)


The best of contemporary botanical art assembled from the finest collection in the world Flower painting now hugely popular with specialist clubs and groups forming, and sales of paintings at an all-time high



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 264
Edition: first
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published: 12 Apr 2001

ISBN 10: 0304358282
ISBN 13: 9780304358281
Book Overview: The book chronicles the revival in popularity of this genre and features most of the main artists working today. Sherwood's collection, encompassing work from around the globe, is the finest held in private hands. The extended introduction touches on the revival, on the quality of this new work and compares it with the great artists of the past, like Redoute, Ehret, and the Bauer brothers. The main body of the book contains pictures from 66 different botanical artists. In her own distinctive style, Dr Sherwood profiles each artist, often describing how she came to collect the artist's work and how the artist's work has evolved.

Media Reviews
Shirley Sherwood is a major exponent of contemporary botanical art and her collection of over 400 works has been shown all over the world. Her love of this artistic subject has prompted her to start botanical art classes, led by leading artists in the field, in order to encourage new artists around the globe. Originally done to provide a visual record of plants from as long ago as the Ancient World, it reached its heyday during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries with artists such as Redoute, the Bauer Brothers and Ehret, creating masterpieces that were collected avidly for both their artistic merit and their scientific value. Still popular today, it is found adorning stationery items, wallpaper and textiles and is undergoing a resurgence of interest, in part due to Shirley wanting to share her passion with others. From the black and white pen and ink studies of Francesca Anderson, the almost photographic style of Raymond Booth to the botany book style of Regine Hagerdom and the perfection of Manko Imai, this collection of prints demonstrates the art of botanical drawing is very much alive today, not just here in Britain but around the globe. It has not only prospered but is continuing to develop in new and exciting ways and this beautiful work showcases the talents that are around today. - Lucy Watson
Author Bio
Shirley Sherwood read botany at Oxford University and gained a D.Phil while working in the area of drug research. She is a judge on the Botanical Painting Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society, Kew, and an honorary trustee of the new American Society for Botanical Artists.