Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People: The Art of Influencing People

Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People: The Art of Influencing People

by JamesBorg (Author)


Persuade Anyone! Gain the ULTIMATE competitive advantage--at work and in life! Master the 7 ESSENTIAL SKILLS that win hearts and minds! Practical, easy, effective! We all know people who are incredibly persuasive. With effortless charm, they manage to somehow gain our trust, interest, and support, time and time again. Is it a gift they are born with? Is it all an illusion? No, it's the art of persuasion, and you can learn it too. Based on years of analyzing the behaviors and mind-sets of the most persuasive people around, Persuasion gives you the magic formula to master the power of persuasion--the ultimate way to achieve success in work and life. Introduction xv Chapter 1: The Power of Persuasion: How Empathy and Sincerity Work Wonders for You 1 Chapter 2: Being a Good Listener: Why Listening Is So Crucial 11 Chapter 3: Attention, Please: Keeping Attention Where You Want It 27 Chapter 4: Know Your Body Language: How to Read Nonverbal Signals from Others and Send Out the Right Ones 47 Chapter 5: Memory Magic: The Impact of Good Recall and Simple Tips to Improve Your Memory 71 Chapter 6: Make Words Work for You--The Power of Psycholinguistics: Success Can Depend on Saying the Right Thing at the Right Time 97 Chapter 7: Telephone Telepathy: Learn to Use the Telephone to Your Best Advantage and Read Situations Better 117 Chapter 8: Negotiating for Mutual Benefit: Understand the Psychology Involved to Achieve the Best Possible Result 147 Chapter 9: "Difficult" People (and Their Behavior): Who Are They? 177 Chapter 10: The Personality Spectrum: How to Identify Successfully and Deal with Different "Types" 191


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 256
Edition: 1
Publisher: FT Press
Published: 16 Dec 2008

ISBN 10: 0137005075
ISBN 13: 9780137005079
Prizes: Shortlisted for Heathrow Travel Product Award: Travel Read, Non-Fiction 2009.