Liberation : The Perfect Holistic Antidote to Stress, Depression and Other Unhealthy States of Mind

Liberation : The Perfect Holistic Antidote to Stress, Depression and Other Unhealthy States of Mind

by StephenRussell/BarefootDoctor (Author)


Author and "modern Taoist sage", the Barefoot Doctor, helps us liberate ourselves from negativities that prevent us fully living the unlimited life we want and can have if willing to take the chance. In this book the Barefoot Doctor helps us overcome path-blocking negativities such as fear, greed and frustration, which prevent us from living our lives to the full, using a series of self-help techniques culled from Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism and humanism. The methods range from acupressure and other physical self-healing methods and movements, to magic, including affirmation, visualization, energy manipulation and astral projection. Organized in sections, such as "liberation from guilt" or "liberation from feeling like you're always in a rush", he offers a rationalization of the blocking factor also likening the blocking factor to its corresponding vital organ and recommending self-treatment.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Element
Published: 04 Nov 2002

ISBN 10: 0007143710
ISBN 13: 9780007143719

Media Reviews
Barefoot Doctor is the modern day equivalent of a nomadic healer (but he's also got) enough charm and humour to make palatable at least some of the pseudospiritual psychobabble his vocation involves DAILY TELEGRAPH A charismatic figure with a calming way (of helping his charges) ... one to catch. TIME OUT (After one hour of healing), the sense of lifted spirits and serenity is overwhelming VOGUE
Author Bio
Barefoot Doctor, also known as Stephen Russell, is the author of Handbook for the Urban Warrior and Return of the Urban Warrior and teacher of all things taoist, including meditation, philosophy, Chinese medicine and T'ai chi. He follows in the tradition of the barefoot doctors of the Orient, who wandered the hinterlands keeping the locals in good health and spirits. He has been practising for more than 20 years, specializing in personal-crisis management. He has a weekly column in The Observer.